Custom Concrete Staining

-Custom Concrete Staining- Custom concrete staining is the process of staining a concrete floor with with a decorative pattern or design. This can make an old, run down concrete floor into a beautiful work of art. Decorative faux patters can be applied like marble and granite or wood planks. Custom logos can be stained onto…


Garage Floor Coatings

-Garage Floor Coatings- Garage floor coatings are extremely important for increasing the longevity of a concrete garage floor. These coatings are highly chemical resistant making them a great choice for garages where automotive chemicals are used. An old, stained garage floor can be completely transformed into a new work space with these coatings. Sweet Concrete…


Concrete Polishing

-Concrete Polishing- Concrete polishing is a cost effective way to refinish an old concrete floor. Concrete is extremely durable and it’s durability is only surpassed by granite. Old concrete floors or counter tops can be refurbished to bring them into the 21st century. This process is as old as time but has become one of…


Natural Stone Polishing

-Natural Stone Polishing- Natural stone polishing is a great way to make a tiled stone surface look new again. Marble, granite, and travertine are natural substrates that have an organic, beautiful look to them. They are highly durable and can last a long time. Unfortunately they get worn down over time from foot traffic and…

Garage Epoxy Flake Up Close

Epoxy Flake Systems

-Epoxy Flake Systems- Epoxy flake systems ( or epoxy chip systems ) are available in a wide range of colors and flake styles, making it a highly versatile and customizable flooring option. These systems are usually applied to garage floors making the concrete highly chemical and slip resistant. These systems are 100% opaque making them…

metallic epoxy

Metallic Epoxy

-Metallic Epoxy- Metallic epoxy flooring is one of the most creative and awe inspiring flooring solutions on the market today. Sweet Concrete can restore your worn concrete floor with a metallic epoxy topcoat. Combining the latest technology with creative design and a unique coloration method you can now achieve one of the coolest looks from…


The Importance of Concrete Sealants

– Concrete Sealants – The strength and durability of concrete makes it an important structural material since the Roman era. Unfortunately, concrete’s porous nature allows it to absorb water and soluble salts, which can be destructive. These salts can also delaminate epoxies and other coatings that are traditionally applied to honed and stained concrete. When…


Epoxy Coatings For Concrete

– Epoxy Coatings –   Epoxy coatings for flooring are made from a mixture of resin and hardener that becomes firm and rigid once fully cured. These epoxies come in three major types: water based, solvent based, and solid epoxies. Solid epoxy floor coatings cure (the technical term for the process of drying and hardening…