The owner / builder of this newly built dream home in Newcastle, California decided to get all 5,000 square feet of concrete flooring polished. The project was started in the 1,000 square foot guest house and moved into the 4,000 square foot main home. First the floors were honed using a weighted, orbital floor machine equipped with metal diamond pads. This process smoothed out the concrete and exposed aggregate in a unique pattern throughout. The floors are then cleaned and a penetrating sealer is applied to the concrete. This permanent sealer waterproofs the concrete and increases the density of the concrete.

After the penetrating sealer is fully cured a polyurethane clear coat is applied to the floors. This sealer is extremely thin and hard allowing it to be polished to a high gloss shine using specialty, super high grit diamond pads. This process adds an extra layer of protection that a traditional polished concrete floor doesn’t have. Stains from oils, chemicals, fuels, or practically anything for that matter are completely repelled and bead up on top of the double sealed floors. This modern twist on concrete polishing can usually cost less than traditional concrete polishing too.

Polished concrete floors were a great pick for this beautiful home since they have a contemporary look to them but don’t take away attention from the amazing artwork around the house. Plus they’re really easy to clean. So if you’re considering polished concrete floors for your home, give us a call. We can come out to your property for a free evaluation and estimate. Sweet!