This amazing off the grid home in Golden Oaks, California was about to go on the market. It had concrete floors throughout the home (except for the natural stone entry) that were dilapidated and worn out. The owner of the home stained and sealed them himself ten years prior. Over that time the sealant had worn off in places and dirt and oils built up in those spots. The real estate agent required that the floors get resurfaced before the home could go up for sale.

Sweet Concrete was hired to refinish all of the floors in this three bedroom, two bath home. First all of the walls were masked. To remove the previous topical sealants a shot blast machine was used. This blasted through the old sealants and got the floor to the raw concrete underneath. The floors were then honed with an orbital floor machine equipped with 120 grit diamond pads. This smoothed out the floor and got it ready for the staining process. All of the edging was done by hand with an angle grinder. After the grinding process the floors were pressure washed and sealed with a permanent penetrating sealer. This sealer strengthens the concrete while pushing out any residual moisture during the curing process. After the floors had cured a water based concrete stain was applied in two colors. An epoxy base coat was applied after the stain along with a two coat gloss urethane topcoat. This protects the concrete and adds a wonderful glossy finish to the floor.

The floors came out spectacular and the home was much easier to sell with the newly refinished concrete floors. Check out the video on the process below.