I found Nick and Sweet Concrete just by happen stance on Google. I’d had the idea of staining my downstairs concrete floor put in my head by a contractor buddy, and figured I’d just see what was available locally. His site was the the first listing to pop up, so I took a look. I was very impressed by the site, and then immediately by the work depicted on the site. It was obvious that my disaster of a floor would not be the first or the worst that he had encountered. I immediately called to inquire about an estimate. Nick replied promptly, and arrived a couple days later. I was initially struck by his unique personality. He is not your typical “trade” worker, and at first, I was slightly concerned based on my own biases, but he quickly alleviated those concerns with his depth of knowledge of the work, the process, artistic vision and mentality, and his confidence that he could help me accomplish my goals for the floor. After some discussion, he presented his estimated cost to me, which I found to be more than fair, and set a schedule to begin the work. He arrived promptly on the first day, and worked straight through all day. The whole process occurred in the frame of just a couple weeks (from estimate to completion), largely due to Nick’s strong and dedicated work ethic. I couldn’t be happier with the results, and in fact, it exceeds my expectations and desires. My floor work can be seen on the Sweet Concrete website movie #3 and is indeed impressive to see in that context. I would happily and heartedly recommend Nick to any one in need of floor restoration with an artistic flair.