Sweet Concrete | metallic epoxy
metallic epoxy application to concrete floors
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About This Project

Metallic Epoxy

This rustic log cabin nestled on the border of Tahoe National Park was almost complete. The owners recently had a concrete overlay installed with radiant heating elements. They weren’t sure how to finish their floors until they cam across some metallic epoxy videos online. Sweet Concrete was hired to prep and apply the metallic epoxies. First the walls were masked and the floors were honed with a 19″ orbital floor machine equipped with 120 grit diamond pads. The concrete was then cleaned and a deep penetrating sealer was applied. This sealer helped expedite the drying process to keep the project on schedule. After the sealer was cured and the floors were completely dry, a water based epoxy primer was applied to the concrete. A couple of hours later the metallic epoxies were applied. Three colors were used, coffee, bronze, and pearl white. The back rolling process mixed the colors well and gave the floors a marbled effect. After the epoxy was dry a urethane topcoat was applied. This helps protect the epoxy from UV rays and scratches. The floors came out amazing and the photos speak for themselves.


clear coat, concrete, epoxy, metallic epoxy, sealer, urethane